Falling dominoes: terminated, resigned, sacked

[Aliran published an edited version]

It all started with the game-over officiated on 10th May 2018, at 4:40 am: Pakatan Harapan wins 14th General Election. Najib took the lead of falling dominoes:

Malaysia is not alone. Elsewhere, many were terminated, suspended and fired all around the world:

The list shows how, regardless of the person’s capacity (whether waitress or professor), no matter how great was the person’s contribution to the organisation, he/she can lose their entire career by a single discriminatory remark.

Operasi lalang has always been too close to our hearts. It really depends what we saw as lalang, what we see as lalang, what we meant by lalang and what we mean by lalang.

(Lalang is the Malay word for weeds.)

We have gone over two lists. The first covers local happenings. The second covers incidents abroad – which some might find less sensational, less dramatic and less juicy. Let us now move on to some famous quotes by Jagdeep Singh Deo, the Penang State Exco for Local Government, Housing, Town and City Planning (only one URL will be provided as an example, as there are too many):

In a civilised society, that statement about undergarments alone could have been a political suicide – Jagdeep could have lost his entire career. Here he is, ever powerful and arrogant, spared of any rebuke or would-be disciplinary investigation, fiercely flogging on. Ubah fans claiming to be ever so correct and righteous re-appointed him to power, not giving him even a gentle nudge or whisper that he is scandalous by his thoughts, deeds and words.

For 4 months I stood watch over a construction site with over a hundred migrant workers, who sometimes work past midnights. I watched them starting out in the morning — breaking for coffee, lunch and tea as soon as the clock ticked so — signing off work, cleaning up, managing laundry, sometimes nailing stray pieces of wood together to make simple pieces of furniture to answer practical needs in their community. They wear long sleeves and long trousers whilst at work; off work they change into sarong. What is Jagdeep seeing?

(Sarong is a one-piece cloth wrapped around the waist, extending all the way to the feet – a common tradition Malaysians and many migrant workers share.)

Dear people of our New Malaysia, can we not hold our State Exco answerable to the code of conduct we expect from the Missouri waitress, the Starbucks employee, the Dollarama cashier, TV star Roseanne, cabinet minister Amber Rudd, senator Lynn Beyak, backbencher Anne Marie Morris and the academics from University of Leeds, University of Toronto and University of Pennsylvania?

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